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Please Note: These pictures are just some of the pictures sent to me to be posted. I have many others that will be posted as time permits, hopefully sooner rather than later. Please continue to send your tat photos. Thanks for your understanding.

Welcome to Religious Tattoos:
A Web site devoted to Judeo-Christian body art.

Chances are you made your way here because you have a religious tattoo or you're thinking of getting one. If that's the case, we have two things in common: a profound desire to profess our faith and an enthusiastic interest in tattoos.

So, if you have religious tattoos, send me pictures. And when you get a religious tattoo, send me a picture.

Want to know what the Bible says (and doesn't say) about tattoos? Check out the Bible Support section.

Also, please send me your comments: on the site, on tattoos, or anything else.

Keep the faith!
Yours in Christ,
Jason Gennaro

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